Pyramid Quest for Immortality

Pyramid Quest for Immortality is a video slot game by netent-casinos . Netent games combine premium quality with a generous RTP (Return to Player) and are amongst the most popular online today.

Quest for Immortality Game plan

Quest for immortality is a newly created game with exquisite features. It is a top notch slot that has somehow excellent reel structure, amazing graphics. It can be found here

You can get the game at any Netent casino. It is simple to play because it's only an improvement of the previous games. In fact, gamblers rate it so highly.

What to do before Playing It

Before you set your eyes on the game slot, you first need to set your bets. The coin denominations range from 0.01 to 2 and can easily be set by the +/- buttons.

Setting Up the Quest for Immortality Game

It is easy to set up the quest for immortality game slot. You can simply set the number of coins per line through the "Level" tab. It lets you place your numbers.

  • You can specify the number of lines through clicking buttons.
  • Each button represents a specific number of lines.

The Max Bet Button

In quest for immortality game slot, clicking on the 'max bet' button lets you set the maximum amount of bet available. It is a critical button especially when you want to limit money.

The Spin Button

The spin button plays a critical role in quest for immortality game slot. The button is represented as two circular arrows and its function is setting the reels in motion.

Wild Symbols in Quest for Immortality

The wild symbol in this game is Ankh and is set against the purple background. It substitutes for every symbol available in the game. There aren't any scatter or special symbols here.

  1. The game has no specially designed symbols.
  2. Ankh remains the major symbol of the game.

The wild feature occurs when a symbol lands on top of reels 3,2 or 4. It is also part of the winning combination and turns into a wild symbol for the next Avalanche.


Prizes in Quest for Mortality

Having known that quest for immortality is an amazing game from Netent, you should go ahead and play it. You'll be in a position to win prizes for locating every kind of treasure.

Levels in Quest for Immortality

The game offers bonus wild Ankh and and a critical feature with prize multipliers. It also has loads of bet and different levels to choose from. All explores will find perfect spin stakes.

The Statue Spins in Quest for Immortality

For some reason, you might want the statues of Anubis and Horus to remain constant, but this game has a staking system that affects the movement of these features and symbols.

More About The Pyramid Quest for Immortality

This is a 5 reel and 720 pay line slot video that is powered by Netent software. It is a new slot inspired by ancient Egypt. It contains several elements of online poker.

Where to Play It

With the advancement of technology in recent years, you can play the game from the comfort of your mobile device. The game is flawless and is well compatible with any mobile device.

Playing in the Pyramids

The quest for immortality game background is set deep in the pyramids with reels being pyramid shaped. Your prowess will be needed to guide you through potential harm posed by Anubis and Horus.

The kind of line bet multiplying prizes you are eligible to win from this pyramid tomb consist up to seven times your line bet. Most gamblers opt for this option because its easy.